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As I gaze upon the stars

I see a world that unlike ours

lives in peace of mind and soul

Here no kumbaya is sung

As the iron needle never stung

Without the cold embrace

of the ghost-face race

All people under the sun

are united as one

As I stare below, into the soil

I see a world fighting its downward coil

A world of chaos without control

As the poor keep on toiling

The rich keep on spoiling

themselves, while destroying

everything else

A world of order, under control

As the puppeteer’s mighty hand

stretches over the land, and

its white strings cut deep into the ground

sucking out our blood for oil

As he leaves us starved and drowned

The world trembles before his feet

But in ignorance he paid no heed

As the titan grows too high

Godwin's lightning strikes from the sky

Armed with pen and sword

the angels soared, while the titan roared

Swift suffragettes slay the puppeteer

and unshackle the world of its fear


By Jeroen van Wijk


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