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Hey there, we need you! 

Great ideas need a budget, and we do too! FEL is run by enthusiastic volunteers whose work depends on funding and donations only. Smashing the patriarchy takes a lot of time, work, and your support!
Do you want to contribute to the feminist cause and help us create always new and interesting events? Support us with a donation! 

or scan the QR code 

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FEL heeft een ANBI status. Jouw donatie of gift is daardoor aftrekbaar bij de Belastingdienst.

What else can you do? 


Support the local associations that strive to make your environment a more inclusive and feminist space! 

Speak out!

Join events and protests where your voice can be heard. Words are the first weapon in the fight for change!


Translate your ideas into concrete actions with your vote! 


We still have so much to learn, and the best way to do so is engaging in a good discussion! 

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