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Rosanne Schot


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Rosanne Schot


Rosanne founded FEL because of a dire lack of feminist activity in Leiden. She never dreamed it would become this big and could have such an impact. As president she is responsible for injecting ambition in all FEL's plans and finding new allies in our mission to have equality for all in Leiden & beyond. In her daily life she is trying to finish her Political History Masters and works as a freelance writer, moderator and soon to be podcaster. You can read more about her on!

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Roosmarijn van de Velde


Roosmarijn van de Velde


Let’s applaud “stupid” questions and tirelessly but lovingly point out how we can make the world a better place, one tiny step at a time. Her mission is to de-casualise casual sexism and advance local feminism in Leiden. Roosmarijn van de Velde (Rosemary) is Board Member of Public Affairs and focuses on getting the feminist message heard in the city. She believes that everybody should be a feminist and aims to keep the conversation concerning these tough topics relaxed and open as much as possible. Answering one (seemingly) stupid question at the time and highlighting each of those weird moments where sexism spoils everyday life, she manages to get people on her side.
Apart from her time at FEL, Roosmarijn is completing her MSc Public Administration at Leiden University and is active in the Members Council of the Rabobank Leiden Katwijk and its Local Community Agenda.

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