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The Suffraging

Updated: Mar 10, 2022

Aletta Jacobs, 1883

In her attempt to vote The Doctor was rejected See the rich men full of gloat as they keep women subjected

The Supreme Court ruled “no” But the movement was stirring However, change was slow. The Takkians were preferring more rights for all men, but women were waiting for the hammer to fall Women’s suffrage, 1917-1919

Accompanied by socialists Women marched towards parliament Opposing the male chauvinist This fight would not be the end

Not all people in need were freed from the oppressive government. The Colonial territories pleaded to be treated as a friend and transcend racialized rules that were meant to condescend, and defend the white creed Universal suffrage, 1948-1949

The colonies were still bleeding as the Dutch were leading But more voting rights were obtained for those who remained restrained Universal suffrage was achieved after Indonesia was freed Municipal elections, 16 march 2022

We must not become astray

in disarray, and lose the past

which has brought us today:

A movement that will last

to blast the patriarchy away


By Jeroen van Wijk


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