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The Feminist Agenda - A Manifesto

We create a space for feminist thoughts and advocacy in Leiden. We believe that feminist reflection, debate and action will make a significant difference in transforming the world into a better and more equal place for women. This will not be achieved by revolution, but by evolution. By making intersectional feminist thinking accessible to new audiences, by promoting advocacy and feminist work and by providing the tools and the spaces to make change.

The Feminist Evolution will be complete when Leiden is truly inclusive. When women will have equal opportunities. When Leiden is a space where female narratives and voices can be heard. We want to accelerate emancipation in Leiden.

We do this by making a feminist community in Leiden. We bring important feminist thinkers and writers on various topics to Leiden. We provide a platform for (young) female talent. We facilitate debate, activism and a feminist lifestyle in Leiden. Last we connect existing initiatives, networks and events on feminism, emancipation and diversity. Make Leiden feminist again.

Feminist Evolution Leiden presents The Feminist Agenda, a manifesto to make Leiden more feminist and inclusive.

1. Feminism is intersectional and inclusive.

As feminists we see the multiple systems of oppression at work in the world. We see our own privileges and disadvantages. We do not strive for power, but aim at sharing power.

2. We work together in our feminist work.

Live a feminist life together. To achieve a better world, we seek cooperation and connection with others. We believe that feminism not only benefits women, but all genders.

3. We learn together and take the journey towards a more inclusive world together.

Feminism does not have the answer. There is not one kind of feminism, nor a common clear-cut goal. Multiple feminisms work towards making the world more inclusive and equal for women.

4.We are curious about each other and the world.

We see each other as human beings. Connection and true dialogue are vital for a more equal world. As feminists we have a genuine interest in people. We want to understand the world in a more profound way.

5. We facilitate feminist voices and narratives.

Our feminist voices need to be heard in the world. We look out for other women and people in a disadvantaged position by creating the spaces in which their voices can be heard. The world needs multiple perspectives.

We need a feminist presence.  

Find your feminist voice and speak up.

Find your feminist ally.

Create a feminist community.

Feel at home in a feminist world.

A feminist world is a better world for everyone.

By Liang de Beer


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